Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Creating An Amazing Day.

"In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth." (Genesis 1:1) I think most of us have atleast a descent understanding on how the story goes in terms of creating the Earth. I think alot of us how ever skip over or atleast don't pay much attention to the Creating Heaven part. Maybe it is because Heaven is so unfathomable that we are unable to comprehend it so rather than spend time on it we focus on what is a little easier to comprehend, the Earth. None the less, there it is. God actually took the time to create Heaven. I have never thought of Heaven actually being created in all its glory and splendor. God didn't just occupy it but created it.

Why do I find that to be a big deal? Well first off if you read the ancient text of the bible and other works, you'll find that before God created the earth or anything else in its physical form, he first created it in a spiritual less tangible form. In addition to that, the order of creating things physically was not in the same order as things created spiritual. In fact physically man may have come last in creation, but spiritually man came first. But perhaps the biggest kicker of all is that not only did God create the Earth and everything on it but he allowed us to assist in it's creation.

Now if you think about that for a while, it should blow you away. To think that we actually had power to create something so beautiful and glorious. However it makes since. Most of us freely accept the fact that God is our Heavenly Father, and like any child as they grow and progress they tend to take on the traits of their parents. So really this great power to create is our nature. The most obvious proof of this is that every day millions of babies are born. Thats why we call the act of making babies pro"creating".

Baby making is not our only creating skill. Our earth is full of amazing creations that with the intelligence granted to us by our Heavenly Father, that man has created. Giant Skyscrapers and bridges, amazing technology, awe inspiring music etc. But what we probably don't realize atleast conciously is just Like God Created way back when, all those things were first created in Spiritual form. Take the Golden Gate bridge for example; someone, one day had the thought to build this enormous bridge that would act as a conduit to transport people across the San Franciso Bay. The bridge further created on paper by drawing up plans with mathmatical and geometric equations to assure the bridge would prove sufficient. Then the creation we all think about finally came to pass as the physical structure was put together and viola, the bridge is one of the greatest man made structures ever built. But it all began with the intangible spiritual creation of thought followed then by creating it on paper and so forth.

What the Blog is all about is doing what was originally done so very long ago. If you read that first chapter of Genesis it is amazing to see how much actually got done in what is referred to as a day. No doubt this was possible because as I have already mentioned it was all ready created before then. Since we are children of God and have been given the power to create. My suggestion is to use the same formula that was used to create an amazing day in Genesis and use it to create an amazing day now and every day there after.

Every day for 6 years I have started my day by finishing it first. I take a 3X5 card and a pen and I start to give the day some thought. At first I wrote 6 things that I found essential to do every day and then would put a few more things I needed to do or wanted to do. As time went on and I finally got in the habit of getting my 6 daily things done I added a seventh. Once I mastered the seventh I mastered an eighth and so on. I now have 13 things that I do on a daily basis. I usually add half a dozen or so other things that need to get done, or things that I want to do to have fun. So once I fill out my 3X5 card, i take a moment and look at it. I ask myself if this was all to get done would it be an amazing day? (Cheesy I Know) Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes No. However I never start the day until I can say that this is gonna be a day for the ages. Once that is done, I am jacked out of my mind and I get to work. I have increased my productivity more than 5x's what I used to be and I have mastered certain aspects of my life that I would have never done if I didn't keep myself concious to do it.

Some of my days I create the day with ultimate productivity in mind. Others I am looking for a lesson to be learned or to have a life experiance. Sometimes the goal is to do some service or philanthropy, but always when all is said and done, you tend to get what you focus on. It is as simple as that. Write down what you want life to bring you today and chances are life will bring it to you on a silver platter. Let me give you an example of what a day would look like, here is my list today.
1) Prayer 2) read Scriptures 3) Read 10pgs of a good book 4) Listen to 30 Minutes of Personal Development 5) work out 6) Money making stuff 6A) East Vally Email 6B) Team email 6C) Plan conference call 6D) plan colorado Training 6E) Update Calendar
7) journal 8) Ensign Article 9) Affirmation 10) Visualization 11) Yoga 12) 30 minutes of Spanish
13) Walk 2 Miles 14) Pack For Colorado 15) Passport Stuff 16) Apply for Corporate credit 17)Clean House 18) Touch up paint 19) Finish Blog 20) Mail Package 21) Buy Camera

Now That is a full day, with getting things done in mind. It's a lot but because Ive been doing this everyday for a while slowly I have been able to get more accomplished, Granted it's not creating Oceans and Countless animals but based on the same principles that our Father in Heaven followed, I am able to create my own amazing days. May you live all the days of your life, we have a limited supply of them and the clock is ticking. www.travisalexander.net

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Auto Suggestion

One of the most impactful things I have learned was from the Author Napoleon Hill. He has taught a great deal about thoughts being things and the more intensly we focus on the achievement of something the more "the law of attraction" works in our favor. To enhance this principal he recommended "Auto Suggestion" or vocally exclaiming what we want to do, be and have.

Every year most of us make New Years resolutons and if you are anything like me, its easy to fall back into the habits of yesteryear and lose focus on our goals and back to the drawing board we go. For the past 3 years, I have done something different that has made all the difference in me becoming the person by the end of the year that desired to be at the beginning of the year. I take the month of December and do a huge self evaluation of me for the good, the bad and even the ugly, and based on all that, I get busy being ambitious and create the accomplished individual I want to be on paper. I will read it and adjust the wording several times until I can feel the power of the words internally. Then come January 1st atleast once a day, usually to music (enya) I read it loud and animated. After a few months with no effort it is memorized and becomes part of my regular daily thoughts and in consequence the person I am becoming is always at the forthought of my mind. My daily actions are based upon the words I speak daily and my life becomes what I want it to be.

No doubt anyone that knows me, knows I am very much a work in progress with alot of work to progress on, but progress I will. I hope this inspires you to do something similar to make you a better you, to help you be the best you. After all it's our choice. I will leave 2008's affirmation to give you an idea of what it is I do. Depending on how well you know me will depend on how much sense it makes. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't thats cool too...

2008 Affirmation

This Year will be the Best year of my life. This is the year that will eclipse all others. I will earn more, learn more, travel more, serve more, love more, give more and be more than all the other years of my life combined. True other years now past have been at times magnificent but none like this. This is a year of metamorphosis, of growth and accomplishment that at previous was unimaginable. A year where the impossible become common place, and the unachievable become effortlessly achieved. Where I raise myself to heights only visited by the great men and women of this world and by so doing this year will be the best year of my life.

And how will I do this? By strict obedience to the commandments of God. By seeking out the words of the Lord through searching the scriptures and through the voice of his chosen servants. By communing with the Lord through daily prayer and by emulating him in my thoughts my words and my deeds. Through compassionate service, random acts of kindness, unconditional love, and an acknowledgment of the true source of all blessings with gratitude in my heart. And when I fail, I will learn from my mistakes, strengthen my resolve and be better than I was before. I will take this same discipline of the Spiritual and apply it to the Physical by arising early to start each day with exercise that strengthens the body and refreshes the mind. I will only eat nurturing foods that provide me energy sufficient to accomplish the days task with enthusiasm and confidence. What will I do to improve my finances? I will work harder, yes, but more importantly I will work smarter and learn to leverage myself and get more out of one day then I previously got out of a month. I will succeed through integrity and through the selfless service of others. Through the powerful forces that structure the mind I will tap into the source of infinite intelligence and be more efficient in all my endeavors and be an exponentially greater asset to this world. The money I earn I will not waste frivolously but instead invest wisely so that my wealth will begat more wealth and I will be more empowered by wealth to better my life and the lives of others. However the best way for me to better the lives of others will not be in the giving of my wealth but in the giving of my heart. I will love and then love more, I will serve and then serve more, I will forgive and then forgive more. I will follow the Golden rule that I may follow my Savior and be transparent yet not exposed. I will not let these thoughts fade but instead remind myself of them daily and spend time visualizing myself in the accomplishment of them until the day that my thoughts become reality. Then I will not stop but press forward to new goals and new heights in my quest to change this world.

And how will all of this benefit me in this the best year of my life? I will be worthy of all the great blessings the Lord has to offer. I will have a 32 inch waste and be at my Pinnacle health. I will have earned the six figure ring, succeeded at real estate, and have multiple streams of income from my other entrepreneurial endeavors. I will be a published Author and effortlessly doing what I was meant to do to better my life and the lives of others. I will associate with more successfully minded people to be a teacher as well as a student. I will travel this great country and this great planet gaining rich experiences found by very few. I will find an eternal companion that enhances me exponentially and countless other goals that at one point I dare not even dream. Through all this will 2008 be the best year of my life, which will lay the foreground for 2009 to dwarf the accomplishments of 2008. This year will be the best year of my life and I will succeed! www.travisalexander.net

Monday, April 14, 2008

Why we are here...

I can't say that I have ever done a blog before. Til now I have felt it to be a little trendy for my taste. However I have been feeling a little pensive lately and just felt like writng my thoughts down. I don't care too badly if anyone reads this, I guess it is just more for me.
I love my life. Why I have been so blessed, is hard for me to understand. I have fantastic visionary friends. A supportive family. Most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been put in a good place financially the past few years and more and more everyday I have a greater passion about this life I have been given. I can honestly say that I awake every single day happy. I am motivated by it. To make it a day better than the last. To go to bed better than I woke up and to do it all over again the next day.
I guess that is why I am writing this. I feel as if it is the way to live. To have purpose, to have righteous desire to make this world a better place because you are in it. It is trendy these days for comedians and celebrities and the country in general, to blame our problems on our President his cabinet and whoever else they can. My question is who decides how much TV we watch on a daily basis, how much time do we spend in negative conversation of family members and co workers. The reading of the latest of Brittney and K-Fed rather than a book about how to better yourself. Or even the music about random sex violence and living like an animal.
My point being that these same people that are at home engaged in these activities are the same people blaming someone else for how pathetic their life is. Making no connection that it might not be some guy in the Whitehouse that it is to blame. If you want to know why life is the way it is, For the good or the bad, you don't have to look any farther than the nearest mirror. Thats right it is my opinion that 100% of where you are depends on you. Now you don't have to agree but if you will do yourself the favor of accepting 100% responcibility for where you are in life, then and only then can you change your life.
You see, if you choose to blame someone else than you have no power. For things to change they have to change and chances are they wont because honestly they are probably doing just fine. But if you want your life to change, it can, if you choose to change. If you want to lose 20 lbs President Bush can't go to the gym for you. If you want to get a promotion at work Condoleezza Rice can't decide to be a little more productive than your counter parts. If you want a more successful marriage, Dick Cheney can't pry your hand off the remote and place it on the hand of your spouse that hasnt heard the words I love you in six months.
My point being is that it has nothing to do with who is running the White house it matters who is running your house. For whatever reason in the midst of all our courses in college there isnt a class called responcibility 101. If we would just live up to our own situation and be proactive in knowing we all alone just as one person can make a difference in our own life and the lives of countless others this world would be infinantly better. We all in my opinion are children of God. When a king has a son we call him a prince, destin to become a king himself. Well we are the children of the King of kings. As the adage says the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. And if we are children of one that has power to create worlds without number than we have power to change this world.

I think Marianne Williamson said it best:
Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,but that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously giveother people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear,our presence automatically liberates others."

We Only live once, we dont get another shot if we screw it up. Why not live life to the fullest. On our death bed, none of us will wish they watched more TV or read more tabloids or liste to foul music, and they certainly wont wish that they blamed there lives on someone else a liitle more.
It is my prayer that we live all the days of our lives. That we will be brave enough to unplug from the matrix and let the greatness within us manifest to all the world so that you will provide courage for others to do the same. Then can you live an abundant fulfilling life with out regret. A life that most are afraid to even dream about. I know that such a life exist. That it is intended for all of us. The Savior said: I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. That is my wish for all of you. You can have it if you can only convince the one in the mirror. This is why I think to some degree why we are here.
Travis Alexander www.travisalexander.net